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We are eating less meat. Why?

The main reason most people I know who consume less meat have chosen to do so: factory farming– the inhumane, coldly mechanical, sometimes unhealthy and generally disgusting production process that now dominates the meat industry. Anyone who has watched such films as “Food Inc.” can thereafter hardly look their burgers in the face quite the same way again.

PS: Eating a lot more factory-farmed grain and vegetables (genetically-modified, carbon intensive, poisoned with pesticides and grossly polluting with over-application of both pesticides and fertilizers) doesn’t necessarily lighten the humanload on the ecosphere. Too bad we have created a world in which seven billion people (going on nine) are increasingly dependent on such production processes for survival (and where they aren’t, they soon will be thanks to the increasing dominance of global food production and distribution by a handful of transnationals).